Tips to Save Energy & Water

Its great news for those of us with dishwashers - not only do you get Diamond Standard sparkling results, you're also helping the environment. A 2008 UK study carried out by an independent laboratory and overseen by an expert from Cambridge University found that dishwashers use less water and energy than washing up by hand whilst having better cleaning and more hygienic results.

There are ways to reduce the energy and water we use to clean our dishes even further, just take a look at our best tips for energy and water saving.

Our Tips:

  • Make sure you use the 50°C to 55°C or AUTOMATIC programs instead of high temperature programs when running your dishwasher. It will save you up to about 84 kWh on electricity in one year, that's 80 extra cycles or 3 months worth of dishwashing for free! And 1,497 litres of water in one year, which represents the amount of water you could use for 43 showers or 19 baths.
  • Scrape your dishes instead of pre-rinsing them with water - you don’t need to pre-rinse the dishes with Finish.
  • Load dishes according to the dishwasher manufacturer's instructions to allow for proper water circulation.
  • Check and clean drains and filters regularly to ensure efficient operation.
  • Take a few minutes to check in the machine user's guide for the most efficient program according to the size or type of load in your dishwasher.

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